About Bonded Windows


In 1944, Bonded emerged amidst the post-war building boom, establishing its roots in Newark, New Jersey. Starting out in a modest facility in Newark, New Jersey, Bonded initially specialized in insulating older homes and undertaking light construction projects. However, driven to produce his own products, our founder, Morris Goodman, soon ventured into manufacturing storm windows and doors, marking the inception of Bonded's manufacturing journey.

With each passing year, Bonded's product portfolio expanded, necessitating larger premises to accommodate the business's growth. From humble beginnings in Newark, Bonded eventually transitioned to Bloomfield, then Montclair, before finally settling into its current home-base in Totowa, New Jersey.

Under Morris's stewardship, and later alongside his son, Harvey Goodman, Bonded diversified its manufacturing prowess. Bonded's collection grew to include aluminum and vinyl replacement windows, storm doors, insulated glass, vinyl extrusions, and an in-house painting operation. These capabilities solidified Bonded Windows as a trusted partner serving the building industry across the New Jersey and New York metro area.

In 2023, a new chapter commenced as NY Glazing Group acquired Bonded, infusing the company with their extensive expertise in glass solutions. Today, the union of NY Glazing Group and Bonded Windows stands as a testament to decades of collective experience and product acumen.

Together, we stand poised to continue Bonded Windows' legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our customers' needs.